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Take Great Photos & Videos With Aerial Photography Drones

More and more people are getting into aerial photography with drones. Most of our larger quad copters (aka drones) are able to fly with GPS guidance. This allows new pilots the opportunity to learn to fly quickly and easily. With an on board GPS autopilot flight control system, these "drones" are able to hover over the ground without pilot input. This allows you to have time to point your on board camera exactly where you want it without having to keep all of your attention on flying the drone. If you happen to get your drone too far away you can put it into auto return home mode and it will return to the point where it took off on autopilot.

The growing list of uses for aerial photography drones includes real estate photography, aerial surveillance, law enforcement, crop monitoring, fence and power line inspection, and custom photography to name a few. You can easily take videos and still photos with these amazing new aircraft. This opens up a whole new world of photography possibilities.