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Most of us sooner or later think about what is going to happen when we pass on from this life here on Earth. Where will we go? What will we do? What will it be like?

Is God Real?
It is now widely accepted that the Universe had a start and did not always exist. If there ever was a time in history that "nothing" existed you would not be here reading this page right now. In order for our Universe to have a start an adequate cause that is outside of space, time, and matter would be required to create the Universe. That creator would have to be eternal and have a vast amount of power. God fits that requirement perfectly and we know from his word (see Genesis) that he is responsible for all of us being here. There are many other arguments for the existence of God as well.

What is God Like?
The most important thing to understand about God is that according to scripture, all of us will give an account of our life here on Earth regardless to our belief in his word or the Gospel. Futher, there are some serious consequences for our sin problem. (Visit for more info).

The Bible
The consequences for rejecting or ignoring God are very serious and not something that should be taken lightly. Please think about where you want to spend FOREVER and take some time and learn about God, your creator. Find a good copy of the Bible such as the New American Standard Version. There are lots of "religions" out there. To be honest Religion will not save you. Being "Good" most of the time will not save you. Going to Church? Nope it won't save you. The only thing that will save you is a personal relationship with our savior Jesus Christ. Anything else is nonsense and designed to mislead you. For the scoffers who reject the Bible as the word of God, I would highly recommend that you examine the fulfilled prophecies and the odds they could be completed without advanced knowledge. Then look at the historical soundness and archaeological evidence contained in this unique book, which is no doubt the word of God.

Time For Learning...
If you decide you want to learn more about God don't be misled by false teachings and other garbage that is being strewn around everywhere. Look at the simple facts and the evidence. Here are some good resources for more examples that God really does exist, which means you need to be "good to go" when you die. Don't play around with your future. Please take a minute and educate yourself about the things that are expected of you by God our Creator.

Genius The Movie is a very good perspective of our lost nature and what you must do to be right with God. I highly recommend it for everyone!

Click here to watch Genius The Movie

Do you believe in Evolution? You should watch EvolutionVs.God for sure. Click here to watch EvolutionVsGod

Do you need God? Find out here at

The Institute For Creation Research has tons of examples of evidence of God.

Click here to visit ICR

A new movie about the decay in morals in our modern society

Another great movie is Audacity!

It's my hope that this article will at the very least get you thinking "outside" your normal daily routine and ponder where you will spend Eternity. If you are not certain of where you will go when you die, you really do need to take a look at the evidence around you and get yourself right with God. Don't listen to the lies, seek the truth. Educate yourself about what is expected of you. You only get one chance at this awesome gift of life. Don't get it wrong! Your eternity depends on it.

If anyone has further questions or wants to discuss any of this you have a personal invitation to contact me. I'll be happy to discuss it with you at anytime.

God Bless!

Matt Cross
Founder and CEO
Red Rocket Hobbies, Inc.