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Save time, money, and eliminate hassle with our selection of high quality e-books written by experts in the hobby. These helpful e-books are affordable and will get you well on your way to success! Please note that these books are virtual and you will not get a hard cover book in the mail. When you purchase you will get a digital copy of the book that you download and view on your computer.
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How To Build Training Gear For RC Helicopters 120/140 Swashplate Setup & Levelling E-Book Getting The Most Out Of Your Blade mSR E-Book
RC helicopter training gear is one of the best training and learning aids you can have when you are starting out in this hobby. CCPM swashplate setup & levelling is without doubt one of the most difficult and intimidating technical setup process for beginners new to single rotor collective pitch RC helicopters with 120 or 140 degree CCPM swash types. The main goal of this e-guide is to help you understand what makes the mSR tick and give you all the information needed in a clear & concise way; along with over 60 actual photos demonstrating the many tips to get the most out of your mSR.
The Beginner's Guide To Flying RC Airplanes E-Book Beginners Guide To Flying RC Helicopters E-Book Setup & Tips For 400 Size RC Helicopters
This new eBook details all the necessary info and advice you need to get started safely in the exhilarating hobby of flying radio control planes. Beginners Guide To Flying RC Helicopters E-Book This e-Guide will give you all the settings and values needed to tame your Blade 400 -3D, or any good single rotor collective pitch RC helicopter down into the perfect trainer.