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No Credit Card? No Problem!
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Some of our customers just don't want to give out credit card information, or choose not to use credit cards for purchases. In response to requests from our customers we are now offering several payment options so you can order without using a credit card.


Paid By Cash! You can pay cash for your purchase with PaidByCash. You will receive a virtual MasterCard code for the amount you have paid cash, which you can enter in our fields for Credit Cards to buy safely and securely using our standard shopping cart here. Click here to learn more
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- If you would like to pay via PayPal please contact us and we will send you a PayPal invoice. Note: Your PayPal account must be in verified status, and must be an account based in the USA. Also, the shipping address must be verified in your account. Due to fraud concerns we will not ship to any unverified address or unverified PayPal account.

Purchase Orders
- Red Rocket Hobby Shop currently does not finance any order that we ship and we are unable to accept purchase orders. All orders must be prepaid before shipment can occur.

Note: We are always considering other payment options and this page will be updated if any additional payment options are added to our website.