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Traxxas Rustler
Radio Controlled Car and Truck Gift Guide

Radio controlled cars and trucks are offered in electric, nitro, and gas models.  RTR (ready to run) versions are most popular and there are ARR (almost ready to run) kits for modelers who already have radio equipment and just need a kit to complete.

Electric RTR cars and trucks usually require a charger and battery to operate and they are not included with purchase.  Electric cars will operate fine on any 7.2 volt 6 cell flat battery pack.  We have many different models to choose from and you want to keep this in mind.  The MAH rating on the battery is an indication

Nitro or Nitro Methane trucks and cars usually require a start kit and batteries and chargers to operate.

Gas trucks and cars operate on normal automotive gasoline with 2 cycle oil mix

Most electric cars and trucks operate for about 10 minutes on a battery charge and it usually takes 25 to 30 minutes to recharge using a quick charger.  Today, most nitro cars and trucks operate very fast and are capable of speeds upwards of 40 to 60mph.  The electric versions are also fast too and are capable of speeds of 15-35mph.

Some great gift recommendations for radio controlled cars and trucks:

Here is a list of some hot R/C cars and Trucks:

Our Radio Control Car and Truck store has a large number of cars and trucks to consider.

We have a very large selection of radio controlled cars available.  If you need help picking out one feel free to contact us.