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 Affiliate System Terms of Service

Red Rocket Hobbies, Inc. 

This agreement is entered at the time your affiliate account is approved and continues until updated at our discretion. This agreement may be terminated or updated at any time, for any reason by Red Rocket Hobbies, Inc. or the affiliate.

Our company is built on a solid foundation of honesty, hard work, and excellent customer service.

We must ask that you agree to the following terms in order to conduct operations as an authorized affiliate of Red Rocket Hobbies, Inc.

You agree to:

1.    You may not advertise our website or company name on any website that is in bad taste, is or contains pornographic content, is or contains racist content, criminal content, or any other website or material content that is not family friendly.

2.    You may not engage in pay per click bidding contests with our company.  If you decide to market our products with any form of pay per click advertising, you must maintain a listing that is below ours and not attempt to outbid our company listings. You also must ensure that you are not bidding directly against us in any pay per click campaign.

3.    You agree that Red Rocket Hobbies, Inc. maintains the affiliate policy, and that our decisions with regard to any part of our affiliate system are final and at our discretion. We also reserve the right to discontinue the affiliate program at any time, and cancel your affiliate account for any reason.

4.    You may not place orders from your own affiliate link.  We have a special discount program for affiliates who have made a sale of any value.  Once you have made your first sale, you may email us for a special affiliate only discount code, which you can then use for any future order on our website.  If you use your own affiliate link to place an order, we will not be able to properly track sales conversions, and you will not receive credit for the sale.

5.    You understand that we are not able to pay commissions on sales that are credit card fraud, or for any order that we are not able to ship due to payment not being made such as a declined credit card, or any other means of payment which is declined or the credit card is unauthorized. These sales will be deleted from the system by our staff.

6.    For phone orders, or any other order that is generated offline, you must give the customer your affiliate ID number, and that customer must provide it to us at the time of order so that you get credit for the sale.

7.   You may not register domain names with Red Rocket Hobbies, Red Rocket Hobby Shop, or any other of our Trademark brand names and use these sites to promote your affiliate links.


 We agree to:

1.    We will pay you 5% for any online sale that is shipped, that you generate at the website with included in the domain name. 

2.     We currently track your visitors for 30 days.  So if they make a purchase within 30 days of visiting our website from your link, you still get paid.

3.    We will pay you on time each month, for any commission you earn as long as your total commission check is $50 or more. Affiliate checks are processed and mailed each month, on the first working day of the new month for the prior months sales. If your commission is less than $50, it will be carried over to the next month. 

4.    We will provide you with a special affiliate discount code, if you request it by email or phone, after your first sale is made.  You may use this code to place your own orders and use it anytime in the future.

5.    We will conduct our affiliate system with honesty, and integrity.  We will make every effort to give you credit for all of your sales you make, including phone orders, or any other order that is difficult to track, or originates offline.

Once you have agreed to the terms and submit your application, we will send you your unique tracking code.  If you do not wish to participate at this time, please let us know and we will remove your account.

Thanks for your interest in our affiliate program!

The Red Rocket Hobbies Sales Team

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