RC Flight Simulators

Use an RC Simulator to Learn How to Fly!

So you have heard about how awesome the world of radio control hobbies has become lately - thanks to numerous technological innovations - and have decided you want to take part in it. Well, welcome! Whereas some folks find it more enjoyable to dive right in, learn by doing, and making mistakes, others prefer to get more of a background on what they are about attempt. Both approaches work, but when you are investing in these advanced new RC planes, it is a good practice to try and avoid accidents.

An RC flight simulator, such as the Phoenix Flight Simulator, does an excellent job of teaching you how to fly an RC airplane from the safety of an easy to read LCD screen. With an RC simulator, you no longer have to worry about crashing your plane and accumulating unnecessary expenses while still in the learning stage of radio control aircrafts. Whether you hope to fly an RC plane or an RC helicopter, the virtual 3D flying environments of flight simulators - such as the Phoenix Flight Simulator - are the ideal place to explore and get a feel for flying, while learning to do some very basic (and important) maneuvers.


If you would like to know more about how to fly a RC plane with the use of a flight simulator, or you just have some questions about radio control hobbies in general, please contact us. You can fill out the Contact Us form, or call us at 541-205-6610. We look forward to hearing from you and helping in any way we can!