Rc Multirotor RTF and BNF

The Latest in RC Copters

One exciting sub-category of RC hobbies is the quad copter. At Red Rocket Hobby Shop we have wide range of RC copters that are innovative and fun, with a variety of new gadgets and add-ons. We carry quadcopters that are fun to fly outdoors, but are just as enjoyable indoors and are perfect for those with limited space to enjoy a radio control aircraft.

RC copters are simple to operate and are a great place to start for those who are just getting their feet wet with radio control aircrafts. At the same time, if you are looking for an RC aircraft that is capable of awesome aerial aerobatics, you should see some of the tricks that these RC copters can pull off. Their responsive controls make it easy to perform some exciting maneuvers, such as forward and backward lips and even barrel rolls.

Some RC quad copters are even capable of carrying a light action camera and are the perfect tool for aerial photographers. Mounting an action camera such as the GoPro HERO3 to your quad copter will make your flying experience that much more memorable!

Quadcopter with GPS

RC copters have reached such a technologically advanced stage that many of them even have autopilot functions that are guided by a GPS!

Feel free to browse through the quadcopters on this page and you will be very impressed with the many innovative designs and features that you find. If you have any questions about our RC copters, please feel free to contact us. We can supply you with the information that you need in order to find out which quad copter is the right one for you.